Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the frequently asked questions below before calling us. If you can’t find the answer to your questions then give us a call or email using the contact us page

Q. Do you take bookings?

A. We do not take bookings for individuals. We prefer you arrive between 8:30 and 8:45AM so we can co-ordinate class groups and be ready to start teaching at 9am sharp. If you have everything that is required ready, then we are ready to start. If people arrive later in the day, we can not guarantee that they will be seen. If you do not have the correct ID we will send you away to get it before we start teaching. Please check before you come.

It is rare that we cannot see you on the day that you arrive for teaching as we endeavour to assist wherever possible. School holidays are really busy so we are limited to about 15 per day in Palmerston North and 10 students a day at Levin and Hawkes Bay. Be there early to be sure of getting a place. (double check that ID)

If you are bringing a group we would like prior warning.

Q. If we do not live in Palmerston North, Levin or Hawkes Bay, what can we do?

If you can get to any of our teaching venues by 8:30am, we can almost guarantee you a spot for our teaching that day and we will direct you to the nearest learner license testing station on the same day.

If you are travelling from out of town but would like to attend the Palmerston North, Levin or Hawkes Bay teaching………PLEASE make sure you have the correct ID (Refer to Info Center Page) or you will not be able to do the programme.

If you are unable to travel to one of our venues we can highly recommend our online service. Check this website for more details. See information elsewhere on this website.

Q. I have a group of 3 or 4 students, can we all come?

Yes. But please contact us first for group arrangements to ensure we have enough staff available. We can teach groups of up to six students at one time but prefer smaller groups. We have at least two staff working every day, more if required. Our staff enjoy working with a huge range of students from different nationalities and different ages.

Q. I do not read very well. Can you help me?

Yes. We can read the questions to you and be a reader for you in the test if necessary. However most of the time after completing our teaching sessions you will be able to independently sit the test.

Q. I am from another country and want to convert my licence to a New Zealand licence. Can you help?

Yes. Our teaching methods are successful with all languages and cultures. We have both female and male tutors available. If you need a translator we may know someone or you can bring someone with you to translate our teaching. We will help you pass the New Zealand theory part of your conversion.

Sometimes if your English is weak you may take 2-3 visits to ensure you pass the first time. The teaching programme will show you and us when you are ready to pass.

Please note: We can teach using a translator but if the test is in your national language you cannot use a translator. Your choices are:

Sit licence test in your National language.
Sit licence in English
Sit licence in English and have someone read the English.
ALL conversion licence tests are now done at the AA in Palmerston North.

Q. I have been disqualified for one year and one day? Do I have to be a Learner again?

If you had a Restricted or Full licence before you were disqualified then you do not need to be a Learner again. You sit the theory test and get your Restricted or Full licence back with “supervisory conditions.” This means you must have someone with you until you complete the drive test to complete the re-qualification process. (no L plates)

If you had a Learner Licence you do become a learner again but if the 6 months is up you are eligible to immediately proceed to Restricted.

Q. I have a motorcycle, do you help with motorcycle licenses? What about a truck licence?

Yes we help with Class 6 Motorcycle licence theory tests as well as Heavy vehicle licence tests too.

Remember you have to do a Handling Skills test before a motorcycle Learner.

Remember you have to have a medical test before a Heavy vehicle Learner.

Q. I do not have any ID what can you do?

If you were born in New Zealand you can order you a NZ birth certificate on line.

Q. My passport is expired, can I still use it?

If it is expired less than 2 years then you can still use it for ID for a Drivers Licence. Please refer to “home” page for the correct ID requirements.

An expired passport may be useful in obtaining an exemption if you cannot meet the identification requirements so don’t throw it out.

Q. I have a photocopy of my birth certificate signed by a JP, is that ok?

No, sorry. Even if your birth certificate copy was signed by the Queen it is not acceptable. It MUST be an original.