ihow also provides class 2 learner licensing training in the same way as class 1. Here is a response from one of our happy customers. “Hi, just an email to let you know after my course yesterday I went straight to VTNZ and sat my class 2 learners and passed! 35/35 it could not have gone smoother. I appreciate all your help. I wouldn’t have felt nearly as confident and prepared if I had not come in, so thank you again for all your help!”

These two ladies arrived at the Levin caravan and both walked out a few hours later with their learner license. Happy smiles all over. You too can have this smile when you get your learner License training at ihow caravan in Levin.

Peter arrived at the caravan and told us he could not read. He said he was dyslexic. We said no problem and began teaching him our way. After an hour he wanted to try reading himself instead of us reading. He was amazed and said: “usually when I try to read everything it is moving, now it is like the answer is staying still for me to tick it!” He went to VTNZ, our tutor read the questions and he read and answered the answers all correctly himself. We cannot explain how it works but dyslexia is no reason to not be able to drive safely in New Zealand. We can help.

“I was 52yrs old when I went to the caravan. I had been disqualified 4 years ago and was too scared of failing to resit my licence. The Police finally caught me again and gave me 28 days to get my licence or pay a $400 fine. They told me about the caravan. I went along and they helped me get a new birth certificate; when that arrived I came back. I was in a group with 3 others and they taught us all we needed to know. The tutors said I was easy to teach as I knew how to drive. I helped others in my group and surprised myself by passing first time. I would recommend the caravan to anyone for licensing. Thanks. “


“I bring people to the caravan to convert their licence from India to New Zealand. The caravan tutors are very helpful and we sometimes laugh a lot. It is not repetitive like learning in India. Our people are safer on the roads now they understand the road rules better. Thank you caravan people”.


“I heard about a job coming up but needed my Class 2 licence. The caravan people explained what I needed to do and gave me some homework. I came back with my medical and having learned the truck content questions. The tutors took me through the Roadcode and checked I knew the truck questions well enough to pass. The test seemed easy but I had done the work so passed first time. Thanks I am now a truck driver and love my work.”


” I have a worker on my dairy farm. He is a good worker but not very school successful. I rang the caravan and took him after milking one morning with all the correct ID. I still cannot believe that I picked him up at 2pm and he had passed his licence the first time with only one mistake. This has given him the boost in confidence he needed. I would recommend the caravan to anyone.”


“Thanks ihow this is the first thing I have ever finished in my life. You guys are awesome. I believe I have choices in life now.


Odette sat her licence for the second time (this time 100%) and she stated afterwards that it made so much sense and she can’t believe she got it wrong on the first attempt. She wished she had come to you first as she said even the harder questions she knew because it all made sense to her now. All the way back to Foxton she was talking about what all the signs and road markings meant and what conditions affected their use. It is totally evident that doing the learner’s this way is beneficial to everyone involved especially the young people who understand the road rules and where and how they apply. Thank you once again for all your care and kindness.”

“To date, clients of HLC that have undertaken the driver licensing training through iHOW Ltd have all been able to pass their exams on their first attempt. We feel that this is due to the enthusiastic, accurate, one on one training methods that iHOW Ltd employ on their programme. The results are conclusive. iHOW Ltd have proven to be a more reliable and dependable source of training for HLC clients than any other source we have used in the past.”

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